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多功能英語閱讀12 The Last Charge

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The Last Charge

Sergeant1 Davidson, the descendant of European immigrants, began to sweat

as the roaring hot sun began to bear down on him. Sweat leaked out from the

bumps of his spine2 and began to darken sections of his light gray Confederate

Army uniform. Davidson sighed with fatigue3. Everything reeled before his eyes.

Small drops of sweat trickled4 down his coarse face, as well as down his back.

Davidson had his Confederate Infantry5 cap tilted6 slightly, hoping to keep the

burning sun rays in the drought from scorching7 his already well tanned face,

especially his nose which had begun to have dead skin peel, owing to an awful


As he licked his dry lips, he began to reflect on the beginning of the war.

Upon hearing of the attack on Fort Sumter, Davidson eagerly enlisted8 in the

Confederate army of Georgia the very next day. Growing up, ha had idolized his

grandfather for having fought in the Revolutionary war and expelling the British.

Now, he saw himself in his grandfather's position. Only, the tyrant9 was not

King George, but rather Abraham Lincoln. In fact, he tried his hardest to stay

out of the political situation as a whole. He never cared much for Democrats10 or

Republicans, tariffs11 or taxes.

Davidson grew up in a poor household near a swamp, the oldest of four other

children. All boys. The Davidsons were so poor, that the boys could not even

finish secondary school, but rather worked long hours on their barren field to

help the family's pitiful financial situation. All of the boys had little literacy.

Later when he joined the army in the turbulent colonial period, Davidson sent almost

all of his pay home to help his parent's debt. Since the Davidsons were so poor they

had to rely on their sons working to pay the bills. So by no means could they ever

afford a slave, even though it wasn't abnormal at all. They were like most

Southerners. Since Davidson could never possibly own a slave, like most Confederate

soldiers, he certainly wasn't fighting to preserve a practice that he would have no

chance at being a part of. But if not for shaking off the yoke12 of slavery, then for


State's Rights? Personal hatred13? Rivalry14 that could never be reconciled? Morality?

Fellowship? Salvation15 of the soul in repression16? Davidson wanted one thing: Glory. He

wanted to be hailed a hero the same way his grandfather was. Yet, as most Americans

learned, no matter what side they fought on, there wasn't much glory in seeing a man's

insides blown out. Nor in seeing worms nesting in the mouths of dead soldiers and

crippled soldiers with bandages and stitches all over their bodies. And neither in

witnessing wild wolves feasting on the livers and kidneys of the corpses17 of Union and

Confederate dead alike. Their hearts wrenched18 at the horreble sight.

Yet, Davidson and his comrades managed to march on to break the siege and

reclaim19 a lost position in the flank. They were fueled by the belief that they would

endure until final conquest.

The young Davidson, who had absolutely no rigorous military training before

he volunteered, was dispatched to the battlefield and learned quickly the rules of

survival on the battlefield.

As he lay huddled20 in the trench21 with the other recruits, he turned his head around

to gaze up at the aky. It was a cloudless day, which only made it more unbearably22 hot.

Davidson's ice blue eyes focused on the sun's radiance, only to look away quickly before

they damaged. The young Sergeant began to worry. The dynamic momentrm of the war had

consumed him to the point where he truly had no idea what state they were in.

Now, he was simply a skeleton of his former self. His outline was there, but the will

for battle on the inside, was gone. The war was lost and what would happen to him? Could

he really become an ordinary civilian23 and go back to the lowliest, thankless jobs to pay

his debts? He had no one to really go back to. No lover. No friends, since they had all

been killed in combat. It had been with him every day he woke up and every night when he

fell asleep.

Before he could contemplate24 his future any longer, the Lieutenant25 stood up. He hoisted26

a flag into the air and screamed "Charge!" And so, they obeyed. The rebel yell of slogans

rose up once again as they rushed to sweep the Union position. Davidson at last knew that

this was his destiny. To meet death in hand-to-hand combat with the enemy, as it had been

to their predecessors27 for centuries.

However, fate would rob even that from Sergeant Davidson. For as they neared thier

target, the Union troops unveiled a new weapon. The first machine gun. From a hundred

yards away, the bullets sliced through the vulnerable Confederate charge and the attack

was quickly repelled28. Davidson along with all the rest was simply ripped to shreds29. The

American soldiers slaughtered30 other American soldiers in the new way of war. Cold,

impersonal31, and mechanized.

Davidson and his comrades were struck down in matter of minutes. Out of decency32,

the Union troops buried the platoon in a separate grave for each. Then, the northern

soldiers went back to their camp and waited for the next enemy to come by.

And so, the flesh and blood of the old fashioned soldiers had come face to face

with the iron and steel of the mechanized warriors33 of tomorrow... only to be crushed

under the grinding wheels of the prolonged war.


1 sergeant REQzz     
  • His elder brother is a sergeant.他哥哥是個警官。
  • How many stripes are there on the sleeve of a sergeant?陸軍中士的袖子上有多少條紋?
2 spine lFQzT     
  • He broke his spine in a fall from a horse.他從馬上跌下摔斷了脊梁骨。
  • His spine developed a slight curve.他的脊柱有點彎曲。
3 fatigue PhVzV     
  • The old lady can't bear the fatigue of a long journey.這位老婦人不能忍受長途旅行的疲勞。
  • I have got over my weakness and fatigue.我已從虛弱和疲勞中恢復過來了。
4 trickled 636e70f14e72db3fe208736cb0b4e651     
v.滴( trickle的過去式和過去分詞 );淌;使)慢慢走;緩慢移動
  • Blood trickled down his face. 血從他臉上一滴滴流下來。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
  • The tears trickled down her cheeks. 熱淚一滴滴從她臉頰上滾下來。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
5 infantry CbLzf     
  • The infantry were equipped with flame throwers.步兵都裝備有噴火器。
  • We have less infantry than the enemy.我們的步兵比敵人少。
6 tilted 3gtzE5     
v. 傾斜的
  • Suddenly the boat tilted to one side. 小船突然傾向一側。
  • She tilted her chin at him defiantly. 她向他翹起下巴表示挑釁。
7 scorching xjqzPr     
adj. 灼熱的
  • a scorching, pitiless sun 灼熱的驕陽
  • a scorching critique of the government's economic policy 對政府經濟政策的嚴厲批評
8 enlisted 2d04964099d0ec430db1d422c56be9e2     
adj.應募入伍的v.(使)入伍, (使)參軍( enlist的過去式和過去分詞 );獲得(幫助或支持)
  • enlisted men and women 男兵和女兵
  • He enlisted with the air force to fight against the enemy. 他應募加入空軍對敵作戰。 來自《現代漢英綜合大詞典》
9 tyrant vK9z9     
  • The country was ruled by a despotic tyrant.該國處在一個專制暴君的統治之下。
  • The tyrant was deaf to the entreaties of the slaves.暴君聽不到奴隸們的哀鳴。
10 democrats 655beefefdcaf76097d489a3ff245f76     
n.民主主義者,民主人士( democrat的名詞復數 )
  • The Democrats held a pep rally on Capitol Hill yesterday. 民主黨昨天在國會山召開了競選誓師大會。
  • The democrats organize a filibuster in the senate. 民主黨黨員組織了阻撓議事。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
11 tariffs a7eb9a3f31e3d6290c240675a80156ec     
關稅制度; 關稅( tariff的名詞復數 ); 關稅表; (旅館或飯店等的)收費表; 量刑標準
  • British industry was sheltered from foreign competition by protective tariffs. 保護性關稅使英國工業免受國際競爭影響。
  • The new tariffs have put a stranglehold on trade. 新的關稅制對開展貿易極為不利。
12 yoke oeTzRa     
  • An ass and an ox,fastened to the same yoke,were drawing a wagon.驢子和公牛一起套在軛上拉車。
  • The defeated army passed under the yoke.敗軍在軛門下通過。
13 hatred T5Gyg     
  • He looked at me with hatred in his eyes.他以憎恨的眼光望著我。
  • The old man was seized with burning hatred for the fascists.老人對法西斯主義者充滿了仇恨。
14 rivalry tXExd     
  • The quarrel originated in rivalry between the two families.這次爭吵是兩家不和引起的。
  • He had a lot of rivalry with his brothers and sisters.他和兄弟姐妹間經常較勁。
15 salvation nC2zC     
  • Salvation lay in political reform.解救辦法在于政治改革。
  • Christians hope and pray for salvation.基督教徒希望并祈禱靈魂得救。
16 repression zVyxX     
  • The repression of your true feelings is harmful to your health.壓抑你的真實感情有害健康。
  • This touched off a new storm against violent repression.這引起了反對暴力鎮壓的新風暴。
17 corpses 2e7a6f2b001045a825912208632941b2     
n.死尸,尸體( corpse的名詞復數 )
  • The living soldiers put corpses together and burned them. 活著的戰士把尸體放在一起燒了。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
  • Overhead, grayish-white clouds covered the sky, piling up heavily like decaying corpses. 天上罩滿了灰白的薄云,同腐爛的尸體似的沉沉的蓋在那里。 來自漢英文學 - 中國現代小說
18 wrenched c171af0af094a9c29fad8d3390564401     
v.(猛力地)扭( wrench的過去式和過去分詞 );扭傷;使感到痛苦;使悲痛
  • The bag was wrenched from her grasp. 那只包從她緊握的手里被奪了出來。
  • He wrenched the book from her hands. 他從她的手中把書擰搶了過來。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
19 reclaim NUWxp     
  • I have tried to reclaim my money without success.我沒能把錢取回來。
  • You must present this ticket when you reclaim your luggage.當你要取回行李時,必須出示這張票子。
20 huddled 39b87f9ca342d61fe478b5034beb4139     
  • We huddled together for warmth. 我們擠在一塊取暖。
  • We huddled together to keep warm. 我們擠在一起來保暖。
21 trench VJHzP     
  • The soldiers recaptured their trench.兵士奪回了戰壕。
  • The troops received orders to trench the outpost.部隊接到命令在前哨周圍筑壕加強防衛。
22 unbearably 96f09e3fcfe66bba0bfe374618d6b05c     
  • It was unbearably hot in the car. 汽車里熱得難以忍受。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
  • She found it unbearably painful to speak. 她發現開口說話痛苦得令人難以承受。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
23 civilian uqbzl     
  • There is no reliable information about civilian casualties.關于平民的傷亡還沒有確鑿的信息。
  • He resigned his commission to take up a civilian job.他辭去軍職而從事平民工作。
24 contemplate PaXyl     
  • The possibility of war is too horrifying to contemplate.戰爭的可能性太可怕了,真不堪細想。
  • The consequences would be too ghastly to contemplate.后果不堪設想。
25 lieutenant X3GyG     
  • He was promoted to be a lieutenant in the army.他被提升為陸軍中尉。
  • He prevailed on the lieutenant to send in a short note.他說動那個副官,遞上了一張簡短的便條進去。
26 hoisted d1dcc88c76ae7d9811db29181a2303df     
把…吊起,升起( hoist的過去式和過去分詞 )
  • He hoisted himself onto a high stool. 他抬身坐上了一張高凳子。
  • The sailors hoisted the cargo onto the deck. 水手們把貨物吊到甲板上。
27 predecessors b59b392832b9ce6825062c39c88d5147     
n.前任( predecessor的名詞復數 );前輩;(被取代的)原有事物;前身
  • The new government set about dismantling their predecessors' legislation. 新政府正著手廢除其前任所制定的法律。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
  • Will new plan be any more acceptable than its predecessors? 新計劃比原先的計劃更能令人滿意嗎? 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
28 repelled 1f6f5c5c87abe7bd26a5c5deddd88c92     
v.擊退( repel的過去式和過去分詞 );使厭惡;排斥;推開
  • They repelled the enemy. 他們擊退了敵軍。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
  • The minister tremulously, but decidedly, repelled the old man's arm. 而丁梅斯代爾牧師卻哆里哆嗦地斷然推開了那老人的胳臂。 來自英漢文學 - 紅字
29 shreds 0288daa27f5fcbe882c0eaedf23db832     
v.撕碎,切碎( shred的第三人稱單數 );用撕毀機撕毀(文件)
  • Peel the carrots and cut them into shreds. 將胡羅卜削皮,切成絲。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
  • I want to take this diary and rip it into shreds. 我真想一賭氣扯了這日記。 來自漢英文學 - 中國現代小說
30 slaughtered 59ed88f0d23c16f58790fb11c4a5055d     
v.屠殺,殺戮,屠宰( slaughter的過去式和過去分詞 )
  • The invading army slaughtered a lot of people. 侵略軍殺了許多人。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
  • Hundreds of innocent civilians were cruelly slaughtered. 數百名無辜平民遭殘殺。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
31 impersonal Ck6yp     
  • Even his children found him strangely distant and impersonal.他的孩子們也認為他跟其他人很疏遠,沒有人情味。
  • His manner seemed rather stiff and impersonal.他的態度似乎很生硬冷淡。
32 decency Jxzxs     
  • His sense of decency and fair play made him refuse the offer.他的正直感和公平競爭意識使他拒絕了這一提議。
  • Your behaviour is an affront to public decency.你的行為有傷風化。
33 warriors 3116036b00d464eee673b3a18dfe1155     
武士,勇士,戰士( warrior的名詞復數 )
  • I like reading the stories ofancient warriors. 我喜歡讀有關古代武士的故事。
  • The warriors speared the man to death. 武士們把那個男子戳死了。
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